Introduction of Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island)


Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island)

Havelock Island Neil Island Neil is a small island which lies 36 km northeast of Port Blair. The total population of the island is just above 3000 with majority of the people being Bengalis. It gives a charming experience and is so pure that you are assured to fall in love from the moment you step on the island. There are a few luxury resorts which offer the perfect stay for unwinding and relaxing. The island is also known as the “vegetable bowl” of the Andaman Islands due to its fresh organic local produce and the dominant agriculture industry. If you have had enough time to explore Port Blair and Havelock Island, stay a night at this island and experience the chill vibe and warm hospitality of the people.

Private cruises operating from Port Blair - Havelock and Neil - Havelock :

  • Makruzz | Green Ocean | Coastal Cruise
Natural Coral Bridge :

The Natural Coral Bridge or the Howrah Bridge like the locals like to call it is truly a nature’s wonder. It is situated near Sitapur Beach of Neil Island. A local guide will take you through a short trek to ultimately arrive at the bridge. It should be visited during low tide when it becomes possible to see the corals in their natural habitat standing atop the rocks. The guides have extensive knowledge about the beautiful corals present which have been formed over the years. One can spot live star fish and sea cucumbers around the rocks too. The place has a real positive and fresh vibe surrounding it and is a photographer’s paradise.

Bharatpur Beach :

Perhaps the most stunning beach of Neil Island, the Bharatpur Beach is a vast expanse of crystal clear water and white sands. One can find authentic locally made handicrafts being sold at this beach. The beach might give you major sunburn and so, heavy amount of sunscreen is advised. One can enjoy water activities like glass bottom boat rides, snorkelling and scuba diving at the beach. Try to dress as light as possible and don’t forget to grab lunch at the small shacks.

Laxmanpur Beach :

Perhaps the most beautiful sunset that our islands have to offer is witnessed at the splendid beach of Laxmanpur. It lies 2 km north of the Neil Kendra, the only entry-exit point of the island. The beach has clear, warm and turquoise water with white sand. Corals and sea shells are found in abundance at the seafront.

Sitapur Beach :

If you can get off the cosy bed of your room early at 4 am and make it to this beach on time for sunrise, you will have a view so dreamy that you will start questioning reality. The beach is 5 km south and at the tip of the island. It’s not always as crowded as the other beaches so you can really enjoy listening to the waves and birds chirping in the sky here.

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