7 Essential Things To Carry

Things to carry

If you love beaches and are looking for the best vacation spot where you can just relax and indulge in water sports and other adventurous activities, visiting the Andaman Islands would be the best choice. Located in the southern parts of India, Andaman is known for its bountiful natural landscape, and pristine beaches. Although the island gets visitors all year around, it is not crowded as other commercial tourist destinations in India. This means that you can enjoy the beauty of the place at your own leisurely place without having to deal with the hassles of the crowd. If you have decided to travel to Andaman for a vacation, remember, the island has a tropical climate and just like any other places, travelling to Andaman too has its own challenges. For a joyous and comfortable travelling experience, you need to pack the right things. The resources are limited on this island and it is advisable that you are well-prepared. You can ask your travel agent in Andaman about the itinerary and the places you will be visiting and pack accordingly. Here are a few important that are a must have in your travel bag.

  • Remember, the Andaman is a tropical land and the weather here can be quite hot and harsh, especially if you are travelling during the summers. The hot sun, coupled with the salt in the air can cause damage to your skin. To avoid sunburn, makes sure that you can carry a good sunscreen, it is even better if you can use waterproof sunscreen for long lasting protection.
  • Andaman is all about beach and comfort and what better way to chill your heels with a pair of comfortable flip-flops. Carry a pair of rubber slippers to roam around the beach, and move freely without having to deal with the hassles of sand sticking to your footwear.
Water bottle
  • It is advisable that you carry a water bottle every time you go out, rather than buying water bottles. There are plenty of restaurants that provide free and clean drinking water. Carrying your own bottle will not only reduce your expense but also it will reduce the amount of plastic waste generated. So be wise, safe and save the nature.
Swim wears
  • If you are visiting Andaman, it would be a sin to return without taking a dip into the cool blue sea. The beaches here are clean and provide a safe haven for swimming. You simply cannot have enough of swimming here, and have a couple of extra pair of swim wears will do no harm. Also, if you are planning to spend an evening at the beach, you can relax in a hammock with your swimsuit on and soak the sun all day long.
Comfortable dress
  • Leave behind those tight jeans, high heels, trousers and formal shirts, while you in Andaman it is best advisable to wear loose, cotton clothes. Shorts, Bermuda, and t-shirts would be your best friend to keep you dry and comfortable from the warm climate.
  • Most of the resorts and hotels in Andaman provide hand torches but it is advisable that you pack a flashlight in your bag and carry it around, especially if you are going out in the night. It would keep you safe from stepping on the crawlies around.
  • It is always better to remain in touch with your travel agent. In this regard, do not forget to ask your travel agent in Andaman about the amenities available in your accommodation place and ask them if they have a hammock at the resort, if not, you can carry your own portable hammock that you can tie and get wasted lying around and soaking the cool breeze and the beautiful scenery.
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